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Job Description

  • The Senior Reservoir Engineer performs a range of reservoir engineering activities aimed to maximize recovery from hydrocarbon accumulations under area of influence by applying scientific principles to understand and predict dynamic reservoir performance, while generating production forecasts and reserve estimates for use in upstream revenue calculation, including subsurface team integration studies, financial and regulatory reporting.
  • He or she is capable of modeling flow in complex reservoirs, incorporating geophysical, petrophysical and geologic interpretations, as well as the conditions determined by wells and facilities operations.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Design reservoir fluid sampling and laboratory programs, to correctly interpret and QA/QC laboratory reports. Characterize reservoir fluid data and apply the model to a range of reservoir engineering tasks, including in-place volume determination and production forecasting under different production mechanisms, using analytical and numerical modelling techniques.
  • Design well tests given requirements to reduce uncertainty and acquire critical data for reservoir development decisions. Interpret tests using pressure and rate transient analysis techniques and integrate the interpretations with production data analysis (if production data are available).
  • Ensure that robust field development decisions are made with reliable predictions of rock properties, hydrocarbons in place and recovery performance.
  • Understand how changing saturations and changing rock properties influence surveillance observations ultimately rests on obtaining quality laboratory measurements and interpreting them correctly. These laboratory measurements are collectively referred to as Special Core Analysis (SCAL).
  • Develop an understanding of the behaviour of a reservoir system using analytical techniques to estimate connected In-Place Volumes, establish drive mechanisms and predict reservoir performance.
  • Determine the surveillance requirements for a particular field, given its development plan and other characteristics.
  • Apply conventional reservoir engineering techniques to unconventional reservoirs where applicable and adapt those techniques where necessary. Requires knowledge of the areas where the physical processes governing hydrocarbon flow differ from conventional reservoir engineering.
  • Construct reservoir simulation models to optimize hydrocarbon recovery and development options, investigate dynamic processes within the reservoir and evaluate the impact of key uncertainties.
  • Quantify typical reservoir recoveries from primary recovery mechanisms (e.g. aquifer drive, gas cap expansion, fluid expansion, compaction drive), secondary recovery mechanisms and enhanced recovery techniques. Be able to describe and quantify these recovery mechanisms in the reservoir through analysis of pressure and production performance or from analogs. Be able to estimate the ultimate recovery from these recovery processes, recommend supplementary recovery techniques that can increase reservoir recovery economically.
  • Formulate and execute an uncertainty modelling methodology taking into account the limitations of the integrated data set. Quantify the key uncertainties that impact Field Development Plans and decisions. Determine the actions to and the value of reducing uncertainties. Analyze development options based on identified / quantified uncertainties (e.g. seismic, reservoir geometry, volumetric, and reservoir quality).
  • Generate production forecasts for all fluids produced with uncertainty ranges, using the appropriate tools and techniques. Include system constraints, uptime assumptions and schedule and ramp-up uncertainty for new fields in the forecasting models.
  • Plan the application of different recovery methods, producer spacing, pattern configuration and well locations for extracting the optimum volume of oil/gas from a reservoir.
  • Estimate and report Hydrocarbon Resource Volumes in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Provide estimates of formation pressure, which capture the full range of uncertainty, as input to well drilling, well intervention and well workover proposals.
  • Provide advice on Reservoir Engineering matters related to the subsurface studies
  • Coordinate Technical Assurance of individual deliverables and ensure QC actions are closed out and documented.

Other Activities of the Senior Reservoir Engineer are:

  • To propose drainage points and recovery processes.
  • To identify, plan and execute data gathering activities.
  • To perform numerical and analytic reservoir modelling, production forecasting, reserves determination, well testing, PVT and core data analysis, risk and uncertainty management, well drilling and workover planning and well and reservoir monitoring and management activities.


  • A University Degree in Geoscience, Petroleum Engineering or Technical discipline
  • Membership of relevant professional association
  • Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering or related discipline will be an added advantage


  • Gender:  Does not matter
  • Age: 25 Years 55 Years
  • Highest Education: Minimum Education University
  • Degree title: A University Degree in Geoscience, Petroleum Engineering or Technical discipline
  • Experience: Minimum Experience 8 Year
  • Other experience: 8 years of experience with proven track record. in core reservoir engineering
  • Career Level:  Experienced (Non-Manager)

Preferred Skills:

  • Strong technical competence in core reservoir engineering and good understanding and working knowledge of other sub-surface disciplines and 8 years of experience with proven track record.
  • Technically skill in the technology inventory of; Reservoir Rock & Fluid Characterization, Well Test Design and Pressure Transient Analysis, Well Performance and Production Operation, Reservoir Performance and Resource Estimation, Reservoir Modelling and Simulation, and Depletion Strategy and Drive Mechanism.
  • Knowledge of Reservoir Surveillance, Field Development Plan, Operational Geology and Log Interpretation.
  • Possess strong analytical skill and effectively communicate technical data.
  • Ability to interact effectively in diverse team environment, especially in multinational environment
  • Able to manage all HSSE issues.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.

Method of Application
Qualified and interested candidates should:
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More Information

  • This job has expired!


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