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Producer Job for Robin FM Radio

Podcast Producers help clients and radio stations make their podcasting dreams come true.
Sometimes it involves research, sometimes editing, sometimes it’s engineering a recording, and
sometimes they’ll be given a brief and left to get on with it. They will work closely with the
podcast host to make the best program possible.
A Podcast Producer’s daily tasks will vary depending on where in the production cycle they are,
but tasks are likely to involve:

• Coming up with ideas and pitching them to commissioners
• Researching and scriptwriting
• Interviewing contributors
• Recording and editing
• Troubleshooting remote recording issues
• Uploading content and writing accompanying blurbs
• Promoting content (and themselves) on social media
• Keeping across industry news and developments


Who Do They Work With?
• The most important relationship a Podcast Producer will have is with their presenter/s.
They make sure the presenter/s are feeling confident and relaxed during the recording
and may offer feedback to help them develop their skills. They may act as the presenter’s
voice in station or client meetings, to ensure that the presenter’s interests are fairly
• Depending on who has commissioned the podcast, a Producer may liaise directly with
the client (which can be more lucrative and come with more creative freedom), with
a production company, or directly with a network or radio station.
• If there is an established production structure in place, a Podcast Producer may work with
an executive producer.
• Podcast Producers may need to liaise with a network or client’s digital team to make sure
that they are supplying the podcast in the correct format, with all the relevant
documentation and images.


What Skills Do They Need?
• Podcast Producers need to be extremely organized and able to work quickly and
efficiently without compromising quality.
• Podcast Producers need strong interpersonal skills, and to
be flexible and understanding with their presenters, guests, and other contributors. Life
is chaotic at the best of times and not everyone is going to want to spend half an hour
setting up their house for remote recording. They also need to be able to view things
from their client’s perspective and give them the best advice based on that.
• Podcast Producers are creative as they may need to help source or generate ideas for the
• Podcast Producers need to be confident communicators with strong writing skills, as
they may need to write scripts, draft a program description or other promotional
• Podcast Producers need to be technically confident when it comes to remote recording,
and ready to learn about emerging technologies or new equipment.
• Podcast Producers are confident with audio editing software and able to “turn” an edit
around quickly.
• Podcast Producers tend to have curious minds, a fascination with people, and a love
of story-telling.
• Podcast Producers need to be disciplined about their workload.

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