Looking for a job is hard, Smart Ways to Go About it

Who has never been unemployed or did not have to look for a job does not even know how difficult and exhausting the job search is. This is a full-time job, which is sometimes very frustrating, if we have no effects for a long time. The unemployed, who is unable to find a new job for several months, experiences discouragement, depressed mood, and self-esteem decreases.
So how do you look for a job so that you don’t go crazy and give in to depression in the absence of results?

The most common problem when looking for a job is not just looking for offers, but sending answers. The largest proportion of job seekers stop in this process at the stage of sending a CV.
Such people easily search for ads, choose the ones they want to respond to, and then postpone sending a CV for an indefinite period of time – as a result, the advertisement is often out of date. So how do you improve the efficiency of your job search?

First of all, plan your time. Daily browsing newspapers and recruitment portals will not bring results if you do not follow responding to ads. You can plan your activities in the following ways:

The first day

Browse all classifieds sites – both press releases and online services. Choose ads that interest you and save links to them in a separate document.

Day two

Divide selected offers into those which require making a phone call or bringing the application personally, and into those to which you have to send an e-mail. Save them in separate folders. Then, divide those that require sending a CV in terms of the nature of the work. (If several different positions are interested at the same time)

Day third

Call those places that require telephone contact. Spend the rest of the day preparing your CV and Cover Letters for each ad. It is safest to save each set of documents in a separate folder. It will take some disk space, but at least you will not make a mistake and do not send a letter not to the company it is addressed to . By grouping ads into categories, you can create a list that matches the advert’s list (e.g. letter to the seller, letter to customer service, letter to the telemarketing position).

Fourth day

Take care of sending your CV. Once again check that everything is in order (format, reference number) and send your CV to the world. After a few hours, check your inbox to see if you have not received an application return (this can happen if you mistake the address).

Fifth day

Take care of building your image on the Internet and social networking sites. Talk to your friends and let them know about your job search. Contrary to appearances, there are still plenty of positions filled on command.
Walk around the area. Often, companies do not place advertisements in the press or the Internet, but place an advertisement, for example, on the store’s website.

Sixth and seventh day

Forget about looking for a job. Relax, don’t check your email every five minutes – recruiters have a weekend and don’t work. Don’t think about unemployment and try to gather strength for the next week

Eighth day

Again, there are new ads on websites and newspapers, so the search process can be started again.

Remember – browsing websites every day is a waste of time. In one day there will not be too many ads, and the lack of them will frustrate you and you will lose time yourself.

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